Actual Multiple Monitors v8.13.3 Crack + License key Free Download


Actual Multiple Monitors v8.13.3 Crack + License key Free Download

Actual multiple monitors Crack improve the Windows® user interface when working with multiple monitors simultaneously. Truly install multiple monitors to get essential controls like the taskbar, start menu, system tray and task switcher on any connected display, quickly assign windows to monitors (manually or automatically), enhance the look of your desktop with the multi-monitor desktop wallpaper and screen saver, switch your laptop between the internal display and external displays in one click with desktop profiles.

Play your favorite games on one monitor and chat, serpent web, stream online video, etc. on the other at the same time without fear that the game will minimize.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14.4 Crack With Serial Key Free Download Latest 2021

With these subtle but indispensable enhancements, your productivity can be increased several times over!
You no longer need to move the cursor to the primary screen to open the taskbar. With Actual multiple monitors Crack Free Version 2021, you get a fully functional taskbar on every screen. It doesn’t matter which monitor you are working with – the following Windows 7, 8 taskbar functions are available everywhere: If you are the lucky owner of at least two monitors, you may have noticed that even modern versions of Windows® offer very basic support for multi-monitor environments.

The extensive screen space requires some special tools to really take advantage of it – otherwise, you risk spending more time on routine window manipulations than on your actual work.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14.4 Crack + Keygen Torrent

You no longer need to move the cursor to the primary screen to access the taskbar. Actual multiple monitors Crack with Activation code, you get a fully functional taskbar on every screen. ; It doesn’t matter which monitor you are working with – the following Windows 7, 8 taskbar functions are available everywhere: Gamers will appreciate several features of Actual Multiple Monitors specially developed to enhance the multi-monitor gaming experience, making it more attractive and convenient:

Actual Multiple Monitors Code:

Truly Actual multiple monitors Crack Torrents is the unique toolkit that improves the usability of the Windows user interface and makes working with multiple monitor setups much more comfortable and effective. Powerful yet easy to use, the program adds a copy of the original Windows taskbar to each secondary display, simplifying and unifying task management across all monitors.

Each such copy can either display only the tasks running on the same monitor or mirror the contents of the main taskbar.

Actual Multiple Monitors [8.14.5] Full Version Crack 2021

Additionally, each secondary taskbar can display the start button, notification area (system tray), any toolbars (such as Quick Launch, etc.), and the clock. To make your work environment even more comfortable and efficient, Actual multiple monitors Crack with product key offers setting rules for your favorite apps to choose which monitor the program displays on startup. Of all the applications we’ve tried, Actual Multiple Monitors 3 has possibly the most accurate rendering of the Windows 7 taskbar of all!

Actual Multiple Monitors 3 also adds some unique features to the taskbar to make managing multiple screens easier. The Truly Multiple Displays Taskbar 3 has additional options in the right-click menu, to bring all windows to the primary or secondary monitor, in addition, it makes many taskbar-related configuration options available in the right-click menu instead of buried in some menus.


  1. Actual multiple monitors Crack offers the following specially designed tools to maximize speed and comfort when working with a multiple monitor setup:
  2. Multi-monitor taskbar – makes window navigation quick and easy on secondary displays
  3. Multi-monitor Task switcher – eliminates the need to focus on the primary screen every time you switch between tasks with <Alt + Tab>
  4. Multi-monitor background – Provides additional options for customizing the desktop background
  5. Multi-monitor screen saver – Allows any screen saver to be used in a multi-monitor mode
  6. Desktop Divider – allows you to divide the entire large desktop or any monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles).
  7. Desktop Management Tools – Provides several tools to efficiently manage the multi-monitor desktop: desktop profiles, desktop icon management, etc.
  8. Desktop mirroring tools – Provides several types of desktop mirroring to improve workflow
  9. Advanced multi-monitor window management – speeds up the allocation of windows within the extended desktop
  10. Actual multiple monitors Crack Mouse – Provides additional options for using a mouse in work and games on a multi-monitor system


Actual multiple monitors Crack

Actual multiple monitors Crack

Actual multiple monitors Crack


  1. Near-perfect duplication of Windows 7 taskbar
  2. Actual multiple monitors Crack Support for multiple monitors with slideshows
  3. Screen saver support for multiple monitors
  4. Support for multiple profiles
  5. Support for keyboard shortcuts and mouse action


  1. No free version available
  2. A limited number of keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions.

System Requirements for True Multiple Monitors

Before starting Actual Multiple Monitors 2021 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM required.
Hard Disk Space: 30 MB of free space required.
Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or higher.

How to install

Follow the steps below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Run the downloaded installation file (e.g. ammsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the installation instructions displayed on your screen.


Truly Actual multiple monitors Crack is a great tool for managing your multi-monitor setup. It offers one of the best replications of Windows 7’s taskbar, making it even more useful for those with the operating system. It’s stable and has a great set of features, priced at $ 29.95

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