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The EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro 3.90 Crack 2021 is an excellent editor design tool. It allows you to make professional logos with visual effects easier. First of all, it has logo design program with more than 500 attractive logo templates. When you start a new logo design from many templates and designs, select a template closest to the model and start your design journey with just a few tweaks.EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro 3.90 Crack 2021 also offers over 5000 predesigned logo shapes and 300+ clip art. While designing a logo, you can simply drag or click the mouse to add it to the current design. It allows you to create any shape images with fully vector based drawing tools. Shapes and texts can be smoothly filled or striped with solid colors, gradient colors, images and textures. Supports Shadow, Reflection, Glow, 3D Bevel, etc. Effects.

EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro 3.90 Crack With Registration Key Download 2021[Latest]

EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro 3.90 Serial Key program helps you to create professional, while printing almost any type of website images or business images with high resolution. It is bundled with over 3000+ superior quality logo templates and 5000+ vector graphic symbols will give you logo design inspiration. You can easily customize templates by changing texts, colors and shapes or applying filters and effects.You don’t need to have prior expertise in designing to use logo design software. While you will get an attractive and professional logo within minutes! It offers a full set of expert vector drawing tools to create unique, eye-catching logos. EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro can import and export various file formats, including SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF. Export of logos to different formats is effective, but without loss of quality.


  1. Built-in super rendering engine
  2. Any vector image can be filled in with a solid color, gradient, graphic or pattern.
  3. Any vector image can be stroked in a solid color, gradient, graphic or pattern.
  4. You can specify the line width, connection style, stripe style, cap style and miter limit while stroking.
  5. A gradient color tool is available that allows you to intuitively add, remove, adjust, or change colors in the gradient.
  6. More than 100 filters are available. Each filter does not require any settings, but it can give your design a beautiful effect.
  7. Each vector image can also be specified to be displayed with various ambiguities and transparency. These features make it easy to create effects such as glow, shadow and bevel.
  8. 5 Object manipulation
  9. Use the Selection tool to select one or more objects, and when selected, you can scale, rotate, translate and skew them.
  10. One or more objects can be packaged in one group object. Conversely, group objects can also be split into separate objects.
  11. Supports drawing objects to flip horizontally or vertically.
  12. Supports adjusting the drawing order of drawing objects. (Z order)
  13. Supports drawing objects to align horizontally or vertically with Design Pages or other selection objects.
  14. A shape that supports the shape of a vector object as a clipping path for another object.
  15. A shape that supports the shape of a vector object is set as a mask for another object.
  16. Supports copy, cut, delete and paste images, images, text and other objects.
  17. Supports layout and management of drawing objects in layers and also supports mixed mode between layers.
  18. Several layout managers are available to normalize the layout of the drawn objects.
  19. 19. 6 Powerful text editing
  20. 20. Support for adding multiple lines of text to your design. Text, like other vector objects, can be filled or outlined.
  21. Support for editing text in place without the need to open additional frames.
  22. Allows adjustment of character spacing, height, line spacing, setting fonts, font sizes and more.
  23. Leave texts on a path.
  24. Text in shape (fill shape after line).
  25. 7 Rich operation for pad
  26. Support for converting shape or text to path. Lines containing shapes or text objects can also be converted to paths.
  27. Boolean operations such as union, intersection, XOR, and subtraction can be performed between the two paths.
  28. Support for simplifying paths with different thresholds.
  29. Leave texts on a path.
  30. Path insetting and outsetting, including dynamic and linked offset objects.



  1. It features an impressive library of assets and clipart that can be used to create logos. Besides that, it includes some logo templates organized in categories which makes it very easy to find a particular template. In addition, logos can be exported to any of the supported image file formats or printed directly.


  1. The sheer number of settings can be confusing for a beginner.
  2. EximiousSoft Logo Designer is the perfect software for creating stunning logos.
  3. You can download EximiousSoft Logo Designer for free.

What’s New?

  1. Templates & cliparts:-Offer over 3000 superior quality logo templates and 300+ clip art.
  2. Powerful vector image editor:-Provide a full set of expert vector drawing tools for design logos.
  3. Import and export:-Support SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF etc. graphics.
  4. Render with filters:-Filters can help designers create more shock and dazzling logo images.

System requirements:

  1. OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2008/2003
  2. CPU: Intel® Pentium® Processor / AMD® Processor or compatible
  3. Memory: 1024 MB RAM / 512 MB or more recommended
  4. Display adapter: High Color (16 bit) or higher display adapter

How to install:

  1. Download the latest EximiousSoft Logo Designer Full Crack program from our website https://www.eximioussoft.com/logo-designer-download.htm.
  2. Once the zip installation file has been downloaded, you will need to open it first.
  3. Double-click the “logo-designer.exe” file to run it.
  4. The installation wizard window is displayed. Click on the installation buttons and follow it to finish.

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