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iMindMap 12 Crack + Portable Key (Latest 2022) Free Download

The complete digital workplace. Imindmap Crack  is the first all-in-one brainstorming and project planning software. With its unique capabilities, iMindMap has helped more than 1 million people increase their productivity and creativity in a range of tasks from ideation, planning and project management to studying, teaching, presenting and more. Workspaces in Imindmap Crack  include Mind Map View, Radial Map View, Organizational Charts, Brainstorm View, Presentation View, Bubble Web Mode, Bubble Groups, 3D View plus more unique features.

iMindMap 12 Crack + Portable Key is a powerful and robust mind mapping and visual thinking software that combines mind mapping, brainstorming and project planning capabilities in a single platform. It is designed to enable users to unleash their creativity and collaborate with other employees within a digital work environment conducive to idea generation, discussion and teamwork.The software was created to stimulate idea generation and development through creative, visual thinking. IMindMap is packed with a variety of features and tools, as well as views that allow users to bring out their creative juices, spark new ideas, develop and transform them, and ultimately turn them into realizations, either as tangible products or viable plans that are ready for implementation


  1. Capture Ideas, Plan Projects – iMindMap allows users to freely capture their best ideas as soon as they have them. The Fast Capture view features a floating bubble web where they can quickly post ideas and then switch to Color Coding Bubble Groups mode to further organize the ideas. For project planning, they can use the Mind Map or Time Map view to visualize the bigger picture. They can take a quick overview of detailed projects with the Mind Map view, or merge them into a visual interactive timeline.
  2. Brainstorm, Visualize Data Easily – Teams can develop and refine ideas while brainstorming on a limitless digital bulletin board. With the free Brainstorm view they can organize, categorize and prioritize ideas. They can also create a project storyboard or resource hub in this view. Teams can also better visualize and understand data with a new radial map view or an org chart view. They are able to better organize their ideas and data to portray something more meaningful and relevant to their situation. They can simplify data; break down challenges and present solutions in a customizable and hierarchical map. Organization charts also allow users to create a top-down chain of data, workflows, or team roles.
  3. Creative presentations, split screen mode, flowchart and more – iMindMap also has a presentation view that allows people to create unique images that deliver greater impact and better understanding. The latest version 11 has a split screen mode so users can work from 2 views. It has a flowchart function with colorful flowchart designs and symbols. The software integrates with many leading applications, including email, so files can be stored and shared in many ways. It fully integrates with DropTask visual task management software. Other features include a collection of central idea images, a 3D mode view, extensive icon library, software importers, support for multimedia files, and more.



  1. great feature set
  2. extensive set of shortcuts (enter data quickly) –
  3. great options to use visual indicators (icons, numbers, etc.) in the mind maps –
  4. good export options
  5. attractive appearance
  6. normal file management, so organize multiple mind maps easily


  1. Being replaced by the cloud option
  2. Which doesn’t support most of iMindMap’s features yet.
  3. Zooming in and keeping the overview can be a bit of a challenge, but nothing compared to the benefits of the solution
  4. While it is great software, it is very expensive – much more than its competitors. That fact alone makes it difficult to recommend to people. “
  5. “It’s too much linked to other products that I don’t need. Good to have, but I never use these features.”
  6. “The only thing I can say I don’t like is the price, but that’s all because iMindMap is by far the best in the game.”

IMindMap System Requirements 10:

  1. Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  2. Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM required.
  3. Hard disk space: 500 MB of free space required.
  4. Processor: Intel Pentium 1 GHz or faster processor.

How to install:

  1. Go to the download button above and click Download.
  2. Select a link to download; in you will see the full version of all software on the internet.
  3. Once the installation file is downloaded, click on the Imindmap Crack installation file to start the installation.
  4. Select the software installation language and click OK.
  5. The installation window will pop up, click Next to continue
  6. In the Choose a file location window, you can change the installation file path by clicking Browse … to change it, or leave it at the factory default and click Next
  7. Then select the hard drive you want to put Imindmap Crack on and click Select Folder.
  8. Go to this window; click Install to run the installation.
  9. Please wait for the installation process to take place.
  10. Then there will be a notification of successful installation, click Run Imindmap Crack to run the software.
  11. In the License Agreement window, click Agree to continue with the installation.
  12. If you have already purchased the key, click I have a serial number to enter the license key to use, and if you want to try the free version, click I want a FREE trial.
  13. In the account login section, log into your Imindmap Crack account if you already had it before, click Register now to register a new account.
  14. Below you enter your full name, the commonly used email address in the available field, and the Organization section is the company name.
  15. In the Phone number section, enter your phone number. Username is the username, below is twice the password.
  16. The last part is How will you use iMindMap, here you will see 3 options for personal use (personal), educational use (education) and business (business). Selected, click Register.
  17. Please wait for the account registration process to complete.
  18. If the iMindMap registration account is successful, click Continue to use iMindMap
  19. Select the language of Imindmap Crack and press Select to set the language for the software.

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