iStat Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Mac OS X + IOS Free Download [Latest]


iStat Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Mac OS X + IOS Free Download [Latest]

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack contain a huge range of statistics, including a CPU monitor, GPU, memory, network usage, disk usage, disk activity, date and time, battery, and more. All in a highly optimized package with few resources. iStat menus are highly configurable, with full support for macOS light and dark menu bar modes.

iStat menus Crack Full Version offer a wide variety of different menu bar text and graph styles that are all fully customizable. Each of the drop-down menus provides access to even more detail, including history graphs for accessing up to 30 days of data.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack + Keygens

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack with License Key is a powerful system monitor that, once installed, can be accessed from the menu bar on your Mac. It allows you to monitor many system functions such as CPU, GPU, memory, network status, battery status, and many others.

With this app, you can easily know which applications are putting the most pressure on your system and you can set notifications for specific situations so that you can be notified of important changes.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Window

After installing Istat Menus 6.31 Crack Reviews, you will be prompted to install some additional components for certain monitoring functions. In the application interface, you can set the components you want to monitor and the style of the menu bar. Very tailor-made.

After you set your preferences, Istat Menus 6.31 Crack with Serial Key will appear as small icons in the menu bar, like in the screenshot below. Monitoring your system is the core function of iStat menus. There are so many different elements it can monitor such as weather, CPU and GPU, memory, drives, network, sensors, battery and time.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack With Activation Key

The information panels are normally divided into separate elements. Clicking an Istat Menus 6.31 Crack icon will display only the information relevant to that icon, However, you can change this in the settings with the option “combined”. When you turn it on, it turns all the icons into one large menu bar button and displays all information in one panel. In this drop-down list, the information is displayed as a summary.

When you place the cursor on each element, more detailed information is displayed in a second interface. The detailed information allows you to optimize your workload under different disk situations.



  1. Real-time CPU charts and a list of the top 5 CPU resource pigs. Tracked usage by individual cores or with all cores combined to save space. Additionally, GPU memory and processor usage on supported Macs and the active GPU can be displayed in the menu bar.
  2. Memory statistics for your menu bar as a pie chart, graph, percentage, bar, or a combination of those things. When you open the menu, a list of the apps that use the most memory is displayed.
  3. Monitor bandwidth usage in the menu bar as text or graphs. Advanced bandwidth and interface information are available from the drop-down menu.
  4. View used and free space for multiple drives in your menu bar. Plus, S.M.A.R.T. status monitoring, detailed disk I / O, and a variety of different read and write indicators.
  5. A real-time display of temperatures, hard drive temperatures (if supported), fans, voltages, current, and power. Please note that sensor monitoring requires a free add-on to be installed on our website.
  6. A highly configurable date, time, and calendar for your menu bar, including the blurred clock, moon phase, and upcoming calendar events. Plus a world clock with sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times.
  7. iStat menus for Mac provide you with detailed information about the different systems on your device, including CPU activity, memory usage, and more. At a glance, you can get a good idea of what’s going on on your machine, and you can get much more detailed information by selecting one of the icons in the top toolbar.


Istat Menus 6.31 Crack

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack


  1. Detailed Information: This app provides detailed information about CPU activity, memory usage, disk usage, network activity, sensors such as fan speed and temperature, date and time, and battery. While you could have accessed at least some of this information yourself, the app puts everything in one place and it’s much easier to find them when you need to.
  2. Monitor switches: You can choose to monitor any combination of systems you want. Each category has its own toggle on the main interface that you can remove if you’re not interested in displaying that information. You can also drag and drop the icons on the top toolbar to rearrange them as needed.


  1. Not for beginners: The information displayed in the program will not be useful to anyone without a decent level of computer knowledge. While the program is simple enough to set up for a beginner, there is not enough explanation of anything to make the information displayed understandable to anyone but an experienced user.

Minimum requirements:

OS X 10.8 or higher,
64-bit processor 1 GHz
Disk space 100 MB
Good graphics

How to install:

  1. After the download is complete, double click “iStat Menus.dmg” to open the disk image;
  2. Drag “iStat Menus” to the application “Applications” folder to complete the installation;
  3. Open the program dock “starter” (small rocket icon) at the bottom of the desktop, then click “Istat Menus 6.31 Crack” to open the software, click “install” in the welcome interface and it will start automatically after installation is complete, click Click “Activate”, enter the serial number in the “More •••” folder of the installation package to activate Istat Menus 6.31 Crack.

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