Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.33.0 Crack + Serial Key 2021


Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.34.2 Crack 2021

Camera Control Pro 2 crack is a great program as it supports tethered shooting with Nikon cameras and has even been updated to work with the new D600. It also works fine with Windows 7 (64 bit). I have read that Mac users are upset that it won’t work with a new Mac OS update. I can record and view large RAW files (24 MP 14 bit uncompressed) almost immediately. Provides all histograms and allows the user to enlarge any part of the photo for closer examination. Thank you NIKON.Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 software controls most functions of Nikon D-SLR cameras remotely from a computer connected via USB cable or via wired or wireless LAN using a wireless transmitter. Advanced features of the D3 and D300 cameras, such as the viewer for previewing and selecting images before the transfer, the LiveView function, and the Picture Control system are also supported, along with the workflow of Nikon’s exclusive photofinishing software Capture NX (optional) and the browser and viewer software View NX.

Using the USB or FireWire cable included with your camera, or the optional Wi-Fi adapters for select models, Nikon Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.34.2 Crack allows you to capture unique images regardless of the subject. Live previews directly from the camera are supported on the D3, D700, D300, and D90 when this feature is enabled. See what you are going to shoot! When the focus area displayed in the Live View window of Camera Control Pro 2 is double-clicked during autofocus in Live View mode, the camera will now focus automatically. Autofocus is not supported with the following cameras when the handheld is selected for live view mode: D3 series, D700, and D300 series.Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.34.2 Crackprovides a simulated camera LCD panel on the computer screen that performs the same function as the camera image. It has been modified to be consistent with those used in the latest cameras for smoother operation. In select Nikon D-SLR cameras, such as the D3, D700, D300, and D90, custom image adjustment – including tone compensation curve data – can be saved to match the camera’s behavior to the photographer’s vision, improving efficiency when multiple Nikon Camera Control Pro are used at the same time.

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.34.2 Crack With Registration key Download 2021

In addition to supporting USB cable connections, Nikon Camera Control Pro provides compatibility with the optional wireless transmitter models WT-2a, WT-3a, and WT-4A. When connected to a digital SLR, the WT-2a, WT-3a, and WT-4A enable remote shooting and settings via a wireless LAN via Wi-Fi. Compatible with Nikon’s image authentication image data can be transferred and stored without affecting the authentication function. If you have a Nikon camera compatible with this application, you are in luck as you can control it remotely from any PC. Depending on the camera model, Nikon Camera Control Pro allows you to control it via a cable or wirelessly with the Nikon wireless transmitter.With this software, when we connect a camera, we can view every picture taken on the screen of our PC, even before we decided to transfer it or delete it directly from the camera. We will also be able to use the LiveView functions and focus from the computer on a specific place of our choice. Logically we can play with the tones and the white balance from the application.


  1. Manage your photography remotely.
  2. Most Nikon D-SLR settings connected via USB cables, such as exposure mode, shutter speed, and aperture, can be controlled remotely from a computer. A wired or wireless LAN is also available when using a wireless transmitter
  3. In addition to the direct transfer of images from a Nikon Camera Control Pro to a computer, all the procedures from taking pictures to saving images are handled smoothly.
  4. Improved viewer function allows thumbnail viewing of images stored on a computer



  1. Comes with a 1080p HD resolution for the clearest images.
  2. It can be easily changed, as it can be plugged into a power outlet at any time. However, you need AC power to use many of the advanced features.
  3. Provides two-way audio so you can talk and listen to others.
  4. Also has good night vision.
  5. Triggers at the slightest movement,
  6. You have the option to opt for continuous video recording if you are willing to pay extra. The recorded videos are stored in the cloud.
  7. You can set activity zones to receive only specific alerts.


  1. While the difference between is only a few tens of dollars, it can get expensive if you want to add continuous video recording to it. There is a monthly or annual subscription to use this service and much of this goes to cloud plans.
  2. It is not compatible with Samsung’s smart system called SmartThings.
  3. You need to replace batteries more often.

Minimum Requirements:

1 GHz or higher Intel Celeron / Pentium 4 / Core series
Pre-installed versions of Windows Vista (Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate) Windows XP Home Edition / Professional (SP2), Windows 2000 Professional (SP4)
256 MB or more (512 MB or more with Windows Vista), 768 MB or more recommended
Hard Drive:
Requires 1 GB or more for running
1024 x 768 pixels or more
24-bit color (True Color) or more
Couple *
USB: Only built-in USB ports are supported
IEEE 1394: Only OHCI compliant cards are supported
CD-ROM drive required for installation
An internet connection may be required
IEEE 1394 connection (D1 series) is not supported with Windows Vista

How to install:

1. Download the software package file; disconnect the network before installation,
2. Click directly on “Setup.exe” to install the new version of the client
3. Select the “Install” option to install
4. Read and agree to the software installation agreement
5. Set the software installation path
6. Wait for the program to install,

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