Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Crack + Product Key [Latest]


Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Crack + Product Key [Latest]

Quick Heal Total Security claims to provide “robust protection for your PC” that provides protection against malware, financial theft, and spyware, in addition to a parental control feature. Here is my review. Quick Heal Antivirus Crack includes both automatic and customizable scan modes. While the former checks your files and folders according to the default system settings, the latter lets you choose which parts of the system to scan for viruses. You can also configure a default action in case malicious code is detected on your system. Quick Heal Pro has also been proven to perform well under test conditions and the AV-Test Institute has given it a “Top Product” rating. During my test, it immediately marked the EICAR test virus file as malicious.

Quick Heal Total Security Setup:

However, these are just the basics. Quick Heal Product Key also includes the Advance DNAScan tool that provides continuous monitoring of unsafe programs. Behavior-based antivirus offers stronger protection than signature-based models, and I was happy to see that Quick Heal Total Security Keygen has included both features in this tool. In addition, Quick Heal Free Antivirus includes an automatic Rogueware scan that runs on a separate definition database, specifically looking for rogueware. Rogueware is an increasingly prominent threat that installs malware that masquerades as malware removal tools.

Quick Heal Latest Version:

In addition to the extensive selection of scanning options, Quick Heal Total Security Crack also includes some internet security features. These include an anti-keylogger tool, automatic scan scheduler, and a parental control system. I tested the keylogger and Quick Heal Free blocked access to the download page for the popular Windows keylogger Spyrix and then quarantined the program after installing it from a USB drive – this is impressive because the keylogger protection of other software titles is often this way can be bypassed.

Quick Heal Product Key:

The parental controls feature is also extremely well designed and would give any other tool a run for its money. Quick Heal Product Key Installer integrates directly with your system accounts, making it easy to block certain categories of websites. Quick Heal Crack is not always easy to choose which categories of websites to block from young browsers, so the system creates filter templates based on the age of users. The parental control module also includes an application manager that blocks access to certain programs on the computer itself.

Quick Heal Total Security Free Download:

Quick Heal Total Security Crack that I haven’t come across much before and the combination of web-based and program-level filtering gives parents peace of mind. Finally, there is a tool that allows administrators (i.e. parents) to limit PC access according to time and day. Another less common tool in Quick Heal Total Security 2021 is a PC tuner. This includes some tune-up tools, such as a disk defragmenter, which are intended to improve the performance of your operating system. Within a minute of starting the scan, the Quick Heal Total Security Full Version identified several items in my file registry and hard drive that needed to be cleaned up. The cleaning itself took place automatically and I had a fully optimized system again within minutes.


  1. Quick Heal Total Security Crack is downloaded from the Quick Heal website. Although I downloaded the installer in less than a minute, the program initiated a lengthy download process before installing the Quick Heal.
  2. Regular updates – automatic and regular updates provided by Quick Heal antivirus software ensure that no device is vulnerable to cyber-attacks at any time
  3. Real-time threat detection:-Secure Independent Browser (with a green outline highlighting the window and reminding the user that they are using Quick Heal’s secure browser and not to worry about cybercriminals gaining access to their sensitive data)
  4. Automatic Backup: Important files and folders are automatically backed up so that you can easily restore them if a device is infected by sneaky malware.
  5. Vulnerability Scan – Quick Heal Pro scans the entire system for vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities and provides solutions to the same


Quick Heal Antivirus crack


  1. Lots of features
  2. Includes a simple firewall
  3. Blocked our ransomware simulator
  4. Works on everything from Windows 2000 to


  1. Bad scores from testing labs
  2. Expensive for multiple users
  3. Weak support
  4. Clunky interface

Minimum system requirement:

1.58 GB disk space.
Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
1 GHz or higher processor.
1 GB RAM for 32-bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-bit.


After purchasing the product, the next step is to install and register the product. Those who choose to install Quick Heal on Windows 7/10 can use one of two ways to install or set up the Quick Heal CD offline with product keys.

  1. Install Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus from CD
  2. Insert Quick Heal CD into the CD drive of your PC.
  3. The installer will start automatically without any external action.
  4. Click Install Quick Heal.
  5. fast healing setup
  6. Follow the steps in the installation wizard.
  7. Read the user and license and agreement carefully and check the box that says ‘I agree’
  8. Select the drive where the Quick Heal Total Security Crack is to be installed.
  9. Let it install files on the selected drive until it is 100% complete.
  10. Upon completion, you will be prompted to register the product. Click on “Register Now”.


Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro has a lot of features, but none are particularly impressive, the antivirus engine gets a bad rating from the independent testing labs, and there just isn’t enough power or functionality to justify the price.

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