VorpX 19.2.0 Crack is a 3D driver that allows users to play their non-VR game library in an immersive way through an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset. Version 17.3.0 brings a new Direct VR Settings Optimizer feature that automatically adjusts many titles for optimal VR performance. While there are many great made-for-VR games on the market right now, VR tends to spoil us with its immersion, making us long to get into our favorite non-VR games too. While games will always deliver the best VR experience for VR from the outset, VorpX 19.2.0 Crack is a long-standing option that adapts DirectX 9, 10 and 11 games to play through a VR headset, giving players an immersive taste of their not -VR game library.


VorpX Crack Activation Key With Keygen Latest Version:

VorpX 19.2.0 Crack Free Downloads , which first became available in the days of the Rift development kits – and now supports the Rift CV1 and Vive – has been updated to version 17.3.0, making it easier to enter each game’s settings for ideal immersion and performance in VR. The “Direct VR Settings Optimizer,” as it is called, provides one-click configuration for a range of game-specific settings, including FOV and resolution. More than 90 games are said to support the automatic optimizations and have seen improved and expanded settings profiles to take advantage of the new feature. The Optimizer can also undo the adjustments with just a click if you want to switch back to your non-VR settings.


  1. VorpX allows users to experience DirectX 9-11 games (and some OpenGL titles) on their VR headsets, with features tailored to provide the best VR experience possible.
  2. Supports playing first and third-person games, RPGs, strategy, adventures, sports games, etc. In a full VR 3D environment or on a huge virtual cinema screen that can be customized.
  3. Users can create custom profiles for unsupported games and save them to disk or share them via the vorpx profile cloud.
  4. Experimental users can use DgVoodoo 2 (not officially supported) for DX7 / 8 games to work with VorpX in 3D (G3D) and partially DX6 / Glide
  5. There are also many other applications within the program, you can use it as a desktop viewer and watch videos and 3D videos. Another element on the gaming side is that you can play the games in cinema mode and put them in the home theater, as if you were playing on the big screen
  6. DirectVR is a collection of different techniques that provide VR compatibility for “normal” games with as little user interaction as possible. For example, Direct VR can optimize game settings, choose an optimized resolution, adjust the FOV of the camera or provide perfect head tracking with low latency.



  1. Brings old games to life
  2. thumbs-down icon


  1. Geometry 3D is not available in every game
  2. Not all games will work in full, Call of Duty Ghosts, for example, does not allow head tracking
  3. Adjusting manually for games can be time-consuming

System Requirements

VorpX in geometric 3D mode (best mode) is CPU intensive. Go as big and strong as you can for the CPU. I have an i5-4690k running at 4.4 GHz and it handles fine, but I am absolutely CPU limited.

How to install

  • First:
    Download the basics. You start here if you don’t already have your FOVE drivers. Download this FOVE application as this is the very first step.
    Naturally, you must also be a registered member of the steam VR beta plugin, so if you are not, please register and hope for a quick response.

I’ll leave it to you to make it work as the FOVE team provided perfect explanations.
Just know that for this “thing” to work, you only need to use ONE monitor. Yes, that’s right, you have to shut down those second (third/fourth) screens before using vorpX, I’m sorry with all of you, maybe a future update will fix this problem …

  • Second:
    Well, VorpX 19.2.0 Crack is installed and ready to go, don’t you say?

You can find it here at www.vorpx.com.
Nothing special here, you have to buy (about 30 € / 35 $), download, install, activate, it’s done.

Don’t forget to keep only your main screen + Fove enabled.

  • Third:
    Here are the steps I discovered to work, to start a game (I started with “Warhammer: Vermintide” and successfully made it work with games like Ghost in the Shell First Assault, Arma 3, Left 4 Dead 2 , The Elder Scrolls Online, and starburger, the latter two are not steam applications) not intended for VR with the help of VorpX 19.2.0 Crack.

As with any steamVR game you have to STOP the FOVE compositor (disable autostart compositor) as it uses SteamVR compositor but the runtime needs to be started. It should show you a few information windows:

B _ First case: If it is a Steam game, depending on the game you start SteamVR, click the VR icon in your Steam window:
It should start the SteamVR monitor and you should be able to see the “grid room” in your FOVE HMD (+ your infrared camera should turn on with a green LED shown).

If so, I would suggest closing SteamVR in your detailed task manager, killing those processes mercilessly (here, shown on a French Windows 10, but you should also find it on win8 or 7), then restart SteamVR boot, it should initialize correctly this time (at least it works for me, if not I think you should try to get your FOVE working with the default SteamVR application first).

Well, just do it… At this point it would work like any HTC Vive, VorpX 19.2.0 Crack doesn’t matter at all. Don’t forget to disable the built-in audio device as the FOVE doesn’t have one, and turn on the “enable head” tracking for a real experience in your game. I recommend enabling expert settings as well, for better controls in the gam

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